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Education in the new era °V Growth from learning experience

An annual event °•Poverty Week - Is coffee tasty?°¶ was held by our school in April. It aimed to arouse students°¶ attention on the poverty problems of farmers in the less developing countries and the importance of fair trade, thus build up the responsibility of being °•the Earth Citizen°¶. The teacher-in-charge of humanities subjects claimed that the activities were mainly in two categories, from dynamic to static. Through various game booths, students could experience making coffee and the hardship of farmers. On the other hand, students could also enjoy reading articles about how farmers are being exploited in the third world, thus start thinking about the importance of fair trade. Mr. Li, our school principal, explained that school should provide diversified learning experience and cross-curricular activities for students in order to prepare for the new senior secondary school curriculum. °•In this way, students are able to apply the knowledge to this ever changing society.°¶ he added.
Date 2009-05-26

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