CGC Career Update


2009-2010 Sports Day Photo Competition

Sports Day Photo Competition was organized by A&P Department for all students who are interested in photo-taking. It was our pleasure to invite our principal to hold a photo-taking workshop for all awardees on 23 November 2009 at lunchtime. They learned the skills and techniques during the workshop.

A certificate-giving ceremony was held on 24 November 2009 during morning assembly.

For Junior Form

1st Prize : Luk Pui Wa Janice (3 Honesty)
2nd Prize : Kan Yi Man Angel (2 Honesty)
3rd Prize : Pang Chun Ho (1 Love)

For Senior Form

1st Prize : Chu Wing Yan (5 Love)
2nd Prize : Ma Chun Yu (4 Hope)
3rd Prize : Leung Cheuk Wah (5 Love)
Date 2009-11-26

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