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9th Sports Days

9th Sports Day was held from 30 November to 1 December 2011. All athletics made their best attempt to practice before the competition in order to achieve the best performance. Besides, the Cheering Team spent much effort on practicing to show their support to the athletics. They showed high spirit of unity. Record was broken in 19 events.

In Boys Secondary Inter-school 4x100 Relay, our students won the championship. All STCC students, teachers, parents and staff were excited about and also proud of this. The studentsˇ¦ self confidence and sense of belonging were greatly enhanced.

There were around 100 parents assisted in the Sports Day this year. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them. With the participation of parents, the event approached its climax when it reached the Parent-Teacher-Student 4 x 100m Relay.

We are grateful to see that after this event, the students get closer to each other. The event also nurtures their endurance and self confidence.
Date 2011-11-30

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