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ENG - International Culture Week ~ New Zealand, Day 2: Cooking Competition

What are pikelets?
Pikelets are a type of pancake found in New Zealand. They are traditionally 3-4 inches in diameter and rise more than the pancake which is almost flat. Pikelets are served cold with honey, whipped cream and jam at different times of the day.

Cooking Competition:
The focus of the competition was pikelets. Students formed their own teams with which one member had to be a teacher. Their mission was to prepare a dish of pikelets and it was judged based on its taste, presentation and creativity. It turned out we had eight teams this year. To make it fair, we invited three guests, Ms. Mara, Ms. Kate and Ms. Rondi as our judges.

After forty minutes of preparation, cooking and careful decoration, the first prize goes to Team 5.
Here we congratulate Team 5 and thank all those who participated in the competition. Most importantly, we want to thank our guests Ms. Mara, Ms. Kate and Ms. Rondi for their time and effort.
Date 2015-04-21

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