1. This department aspires to plan and implement updated but suitable curricula, reliable assessment system, appropriate language policy and assignment policy and procedures.
    2. Learning experiences are deliberately provided for students to construct knowledge, to acquire thinking methods and self-learning habits, to develop the potential, to enjoy intellectual growth, and to pursue excellence. The students will then contribute to society with vision and passion.
    3. In order to achieve the above aim, this department must from time to time be aware of the change in social and educational environment, enhance the teachers' professional experience and teaching effectiveness, grasp the learning conditions of students and coordinate physical facilities and informational resources.


    Active learners

    • To foster students to be active learners

    • To encourage personal effective learning plans in learning

    • To set learning targets and revision plan

    • To develop students with regular learning habit

    • To encourage learning through lesson preparation, notes taking during lessons.

    • To take opportunities to apply study skills (especially notes taking and lesson preparation) in the learning process

    • To encourage learning after lesson

    Self-directed learning

    • To promote self-directed learning through reading/extended online resources

    • To encourage peer learning through study groups

    • To promote English and Putonghua speaking environment

    Good learning outcome (high flyer)

    • To promote good learning performance

    • To award students with consistent progress and good academic performance

    • To award students with ・Academic Progress・ and .academic progress・ as a criteria in rewarding merit in learning attitude

    • To share learning experience by alumni and teachers

    • To set higher expectation and achieve it step by step

    • To appreciate students・ performance in different internal and external competitions

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