1.1 Nurturing social competence

    In the PSHE KLA there is a commitment to strengthen the linkage between classroom learning and social reality. Teachers are encouraged to develop and utilize community resources, and to provide opportunities for students to observe and experience social dynamics. Through acquiring knowledge and skills in the humanities and social sciences, students build the foundation for participation in society.

    1.2 Attending to students' personal growth

    In this KLA the growth and development of students as persons and respect for individual diversity are taken into account. The aim is to enable all students, without exception, to develop their talents to the full, including taking responsibility for their own lives and achieving personal aims. They are provided with opportunities to develop the ability and motivation for "learning to know", "learning to do", "learning to live together", and "learning to be".

    1.3 Emphasizing history and culture, developing moral and civic values

    In this KLA substantial effort has been put into nurturing a healthy perception of history and culture, and a sense of responsibility to nature, nation and humanity. Young people inherit a civilization and traditions, learn historical wisdom, identify with their own nation and culture, embrace a global outlook and build on them for a better world.

    Overarching aim

    The PSHE KLA aims to enable students to understand themselves, society and the world at large, maintain a healthy personal development and contribute to the well-being of the family, the local community, the nation and the world as confident, informed and responsible persons.


    To educate students to appreciate the people, environment and city; to treasure their life, people, nature and all things they have; to develop the sustainable concept by educating students to fulfill existing wants but without affecting future generationsˇ¦ needs.

    Appreciation---Relationship---Application is the theme of our department, we would like student to learn these values through our curriculum.

    1. To develop students to be active learners

      1. Continue to use pre-lesson preparation and post-lesson revision activities to help students become more inquisitive in learning

      2. Develop extended learning materials (including books, articles and e-learning resources) for students to consolidate knowledge acquired and enhance their learning independence

      3. Organize activities to provide further learning opportunities for students

    2. To enhance studentsˇ¦ language competence

      1. Enhance studentsˇ¦ ability in using English through presentation

      2. Provide opportunities for students to practice English in department activities

      3. Make use of learning resources with authentic English in lessons

    3. To help students understand the application of subject knowledge in career development

      1. Arrange sharing for Form 3 students to provide them with more information about the learning requirements of each PSH subject so that they can make suitable decision in subject selection 

      2. Collaborate with the CGC to arrange sharing or talks for students to obtain more information about further studies in tertiary institution and future career development of each subject

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