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Activities Highlight

Economic Society

Economic Society is an academic interest group that aims at arousing our fellow students' interest in social science. Economic is a social science, which is a major academic discipline, concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within society.


I) Objective

The major aim of Economic Society is to adopt an enquiry and participatory approach for students to learn, as to help students become active and self-directed learners. 

It aims at helping students develop interest in studying Economics. Students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities to gain learning experiences across and beyond the Economic Curriculum. 

Through enquiry learning and participatory learning, students are expected to grasp and even probe deeper into relevant economic concepts and knowledge, co-construct knowledge with peers, and develop different skills as well as positive values and attitudes.

II) Committee Members

Chairperson:        Ng Ci Ai  (5Ft)

Vice-chairperson:    Cheung Chin Sam (5Ft)

Vice-chairperson:    Guan Tik Yeung (5Hn)

Committee Members: Cheung Sik (5Ft)

   Tang Cheun Yiu (5Ft)

   Guo Jun Ni (5Hn)

III) Teacher Advisors:  Ms Au Yu Yan (AYY), Ms Chan Kin Ming Vivian (VIV)

Visit to HKMA

S.5 students visited the information center of HKMA to familiarize the development of the Link Exchange Rate system and know more about the evolution of Hong Kong’s currencies.

Business Talk by young entrepreneur

Every year, we will invite an entrepreneur to share his/ her experience of running a business with our S.4 students as our extended activity on our topic of Firm & Production. In 2022-23, we have invited our alumni Isaac Lo, founder of “致經中文” to help us to lead the talk.

Visit to CUHK Economics Department – Project exhibition

S.4 students visited the project exhibition organized by the Economics Department, CUHK to enrich their knowledge and skills on applying Economic concepts to illustrate real life situations.

Visit to Calbee

S.4 students visited the factory of Calbee in Tseng Kwan O to facilitate their understanding of the production process of potato chips.