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Activities Highlight


Hola, ¿cómo estás? (Hello, how are you?) 

Have you ever thought that you can enjoy authentic Spanish food and experience the sensation of flamenco at school during the pandemic? Have you ever learnt the culture and language of the Spanish through mini-games? Our students were able to taste the essence of the Spanish culture during the International Culture Week held by the English Department in April.  

International Culture Week – Spanish Culture was successfully held in the period of 19 April – 23 April 2021. Students had the opportunity to explore the rich and vibrant culture of Spain through book exhibitions, mini-game booths, a costume-design competition and a flamenco dance. Let’s see some of the highlights of it. 

Speech Festival

By encouraging students to take part in Speech Festival, we hope to boost their confidence in their English speaking ability and also engender a sense of pride. There were altogether 39 participants involved in a variety of events in 2021 academic year, namely solo prose reading and dramatic duologue. Most of them got the Certificate of Merit. In the competition for Solo Prose Reading, 2 Hope Wong King Lok and 4 Faith Chan Tze Yeung got the first place; 2 Faith Cheung Tsz Wai Kinson, 4 Love Chong Hong Chi, 4 Honesty Wong I Shun Eliah and 6 Faith Khera Karishma got the first runner-up; and 3 Honesty Wong Hoi Ching and 4 Honesty Lau Ka Yu got the second runner-up. Students’ experience was greatly enriched as they got to compete with counterparts of all abilities from different schools.

Joint School Oral Practice

With the aim of providing a chance for our Form 6 to apply the speaking skills they have learnt for tackling DSE Paper 4 in a more genuine setting, we joined theJoint School Oral Practice organized by Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Kwai Chung)on 22nd October, 2019. The practice was successfully held and our students gained valuable experiences which could help improve their group discussion skills.

The Speaker

‘The Speaker’ (organized by RTHK) has been running since 2015, and every year STCC selects four students to participate. ‘The Speaker’ English public peaking contest aspires to promote the art English public speaking among the youths of today. Students submit a 1 minute video in which they talk about a specific topic. This year, the topic is ‘Home’ and the students that have entered are:

ClassClass numberName
1Ft1Annas Muhammad
1Ft33Rahul Rudraksh Patel
3Ft26Gurleen Walia Kaur
5Lv19Pang Wai Lam, Zachary


Australia Study Tour

Australia Study Tour allows students to experience different learning styles and western cultures. It gives a chance to the students to see Australia in a different way which can help widen their horizons. Staying with a host family and attending school together with the local students enable them to mingle with the local people and speak English in an authentic English environment.

English Sailing Day

With the help of Hebe Haven Yacht Club, we have been providing students with an opportunity to learn and experience the fun of sailing. While learning the skills required to sail a boat on their own, students is also given a chance to use English in an authentic context, communicating with native English-speaker instructors.