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Activities Highlight

Pi Day

Pi is the ratio of circle’s circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159 so Pi Day is established as an annual celebration of Pi on 14th March. On that day, our department held game stalls “Pi Birthday”, “Photo-taking”, “Food Making” and “Measuring” to introduce the concept of Pi and encourage students’ awareness of Math problems.

Interschool Rummikub Competition

This is interschool competition involved four different schools. It provides chance for students to communicate with different students and help to promote interest of playing this game to train their logical and strategic thinking. Four rounds of game to make the Champion of Rummikub

Weekly Assembly in Mathematics

Weekly Assembly is held on Friday every week. Our department grasped every opportunity to promote Mathematics and boost students’ interest in Math so we are pleasant to be the weekly assembly in-charge department on 25th November. 10 Math games were involved in the assembly, “Sudoku”, “Tangram”, “IQ test”, “Estimation”, “Orthographic View”, “Super 24” and “Rummikub”.

University Visit

University visit is a way to widen students’ horizon in study mathematics. Students can taste lectures in Universities and try to know how the university life.