Life-wide learning Days II (Oversea Tours)

Date: 15/04/2019

Overseas excursion to Korea

The study tour to Korea aims at facilitating students in exploring study pathways and enriching their understanding of globalization in Korea. Visits to some prestigious universities provide an opportunity for students to gain up-to-date information about studying abroad. Some highlighted activities like learning the waste treatment method in Seoul and experiencing the latest technology in the Samsung D’light exhibition center also broaden students’ horizons.

Guilin Poetic Tour
20 students have joined the tour and they had the chance to explore the amazing scenery in Guilin. We have visited Xiaoyao Building Site(逍遙樓), Xingping Fishing Village (興坪漁村), Silver Cave(銀子岩), Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces(龍脊梯田), (Vernacular)Pillar-Supported Dwelling(吊腳樓), Xiangbishan Park(象鼻山公園). Those are the valuable resources for students to refresh their experience on literacy or critical writing.