Weekly Assembly for International Culture Week

Date: 10/06/2022

The calmly smiling, beautiful face of a young woman hung in the studios of artists and writers across Europe throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries. She inspired numerous painters, sculptors and writers and eventually ended up as a first-aid resuscitation model - Annie. Do you know the story behind her? You may find the answer in the ballet dance presented in the weekly assembly.

During the IC Week, our students had the chance to taste the different aspects of the French culture. Apart from that, a fantastic ballet show - “The Unknown of the river Sine” - presented by a group of French students from Regine Proietto French School of Dance, which has been established in Hong Kong for 33 years, brought the IC week to the climax. Here comes to the unforgettable moments of the show:

  • The graceful movements of the performers simply take the audience’s breath away!
  • The performers are teaching us how to do some of the ballet movements and students are invited to perform the movements on the stage. See how excited they are!
  • The student is asking the performers which places they like most in France. The answer is – Paris!
  • Our amazing MCs dressed in the French style enjoy themselves so much in the show too!