Aims & Objectives:

● To develop interest in the physical world and maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity about it;
● To construct and apply knowledge of physics, and appreciate the relationship between physical science and other disciplines;
● To appreciate and understand the nature of science in physics-related contexts;
● To develop skills for making scientific inquiries;
● To develop the ability to think scientifically, critically and creatively, and to solve problems individually or collaboratively in physics-related contexts;
● To understand the language of science and communicate ideas and views on physics-related issues;
● To make informed decisions and judgments on physics-related issues; and
● To be aware of the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of physics, and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship.


Senior Forms:

DSE Physics

Compulsory Parts:

A. Heat and Gases
B. Force and Motion
C. Wave Motion
D. Electricity and Magnetism
E. Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy

Elective :

Atomic World
Energy and Use of Energy

Teaching staff:

Mr. FONG Chun Wing (FCW)

Ms. LEE Hoi Ling (LHO)
Mr. CHOW Sze Hin Jeff (CSH)