Aims & Objectives:

Integrated Humanities aims to enable students to understand themselves, society and the world at large, maintain a healthy personal development and contribute to the well-being of the family, the local community, the nation and the world as confident, informed and responsible persons.


Junior Forms:

(i) Map reading skills and application in our daily life (e.g. reading a plan and a map, finding a location by the grid system and directions)
(ii) Urban land uses of Hong Kong: Explore the city planning and getting to know more about re-development of Hong Kong.
(iii) Introduction to the Civilization of Ancient Greece and Nile Valley.
(iv) Understanding how history influences our life nowadays.
(i)  Map reading skills and application in our daily life (e.g. scale, relief, cross section and gradient)
(ii)  Development of Hong Kong in the 20th Century: Understanding of the Hong Kong community through the history of Hong Kong in the 20th Century.
(iii)  Understanding more about the western history through renaissance and revolution.
(iv)  Taming the sand: Getting to know more about the causes and effects of desertification.

Teaching staff:

Ms CHAN Kin Ming Vivian (VIV)
Mr TAM Ho Chi (THC)
Ms YIU Lai Shan (YLS)