As a Christian school, spiritual nurturing and Christian education are important parts of student development. SNC seeks to nurture the spiritual development of STCC students. We want every student to know of God’s love for them and to experience the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in STCC. The vision of SNC is to provide gospel activities and spiritual programs for passionate students to grow together in Jesus Christ by communicating the gospel through both words and actions. Also, we nurture the committed Christians for their spiritual growth in student fellowship and Christian ministry team.

Aims & Objectives:


  1. Strengthen students’ understanding of the Bible and Christian belief
  2. Foster students to pursue biblical truth and spiritual growth.
  3. Develop school-church partnership to encourage students to commit to church.


  1. To promote whole school approach to spread the Gospel.
  2. To cultivate Christian characters and the fruits of the Spirit.
  3. To equip Christian leaders to serve on campus and in community.

Teaching Staff:

Head:Wong Yu Lan (WYL)
Members:Chan Ho Man (CHM)
 Lam Chun Wan (LCW)
 Lee Po Yu, Rita (LPY)  
 Lee Sau Kuen (SAU)
 Li Hang Shun (LHS)
 Luk Chung Yan (JOA)
 Tung Man Chi (TMC)


Core members of Christian Ministry Team

團長 (Chairperson)李樂瑤(Grace)
敬拜部組長 (Worship Team Leaders) 沈永恩(Charis), 關柏希(Angus)
關懷部組長 (Caring Team Leader)王爾信(Elijah), 翁盈姿(Angel)
活動部組長 (Activity Team Leader)李樂瑤(Grace), 曾慶銓(Jason), 黃嘉浩(Carson)