ECF Saint Too Canaan College is proud to showcase its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development through the establishment of our Green School Committee in the 2017-18 academic year. Working closely with esteemed environmental professionals, our committee has implemented a range of best practices aimed at cultivating a positive attitude and atmosphere towards environmental protection and sustainable development throughout our entire school community.


At the forefront of our efforts is the creation of a green campus, characterized by energy-saving initiatives, water conservation measures, efficient space utilization, and responsible material usage. By exemplifying these practices, we aspire to serve as a role model for sustainable development within Hong Kong's academic community.


Our dedication to environmental excellence has been recognized through prestigious accolades. We are honored to have received the bronze award from the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence in the Schools Sector. Additionally, our school has achieved a green rating under BEAM Plus Existing School V1.0, demonstrating outstanding performance in sustainable leadership, learning, and campus environment. These achievements have garnered significant praise and recognition from the public.


Furthermore, we proudly align ourselves with The Alliance for Sustainable Schools, an esteemed partnership with Hong Kong's school sectors dedicated to the development of green education. This collaboration allows us to actively contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices and further enhance our commitment to environmental awareness and education.


At ECF Saint Too Canaan College, we firmly believe that by fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, our students will grow into conscientious global citizens who actively contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Teaching Staff:

Mr TAM Ho Chi (THC), Head of Committee
Ms LEE Hoi Ling (LHO)
Ms NG Wing Nam (NWN)
Mr YUEN Sheung Wang (YSW)
Ms FONG Yuen Ching (FYC)