Aims & Objectives:

  • Enhance understanding of society, the country, the human world, the physical environment and related knowledge
  • Develop multiple perspectives on contemporary mature topics in different contexts (e.g. cultural, social, economic, political and technological contexts)
  • Become independent thinkers; be able to adapt to the ever-changing personal, social, national and global circumstances and construct knowledge; understand the complexities of the topics, and the challenges and processes involved in decision-making for making law-abiding, rational and affective analysis, and learning how to handle conflicting values;
  • Inherit Chinese culture and heritage in a pluralistic society, deepen understanding and sense of identity of individuals with Chinese nationality and Chinese citizenship, and at the same time appreciate, respect and embrace diversity in cultures and views;
  • Develop skills relevant to life-long learning and strengthen their ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, including critical thinking skills, creativity, problem solving skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, data management skills, self-management skills, self-learning skills, and information technology skills;
  • Develop positive values and attitudes towards life, so that they can become informed and responsible citizens of society, the country and the world.



  • Theme 1 Hong Kong under ‘One Country, Two systems’


  • Theme 2 Our Country since Reform and Opening-up


  • Theme 3 Interconnectedness and Interdependence of the Contemporary World

Citizenship and Social Development