Aims & Objectives:

  • To develop in students a positive self understanding, enhance competence to meet daily and future challenges, and pursue their goals and aspirations;
  • To enable students to make decisions for the optimal use of personal and community resources;
  • To develop students to become informed and responsible citizens to contribute to the development of a caring and just society; and
  • To cultivate in students sensitivity, interests and concern for local, national and global issues



  • One World One Family
  • The use of resources
  • Economy of Hong Kong: Public finance of Hong Kong
  • Economic performance of Hong Kong
  • Labour market of Hong Kong
  • Upholding the core values of our society


  • Rights and responsibilities of Citizens
  • Hong Kong government and I
  • Global Economy: International financial centre
  • An overview of the Chinese economy
  • Life of Chinese nationals
  • Role of Chinese government in the economy
  • Chinese political system


  • Global economy – International interdependence
  • Global economy – World trade
  • Global socio-political system: ‘Global city’
  • Global socio-political system: Global citizenship and humanitarian work
  • Global socio-political system: International politics
  • China’s step forward to the world
Highlights of Academic Activities

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is based on real court proceedings, where students analyze a case under the guidance of professional lawyers. They then dress in lawyer's robes and play the roles of lawyers and witnesses in an actual courtroom. This entire activity trains students in critical thinking, public speaking skills, teamwork, and legal knowledge, providing significant benefits to their overall development.

Local tour

Local study tours allow students to step out of the classroom and enter the community. This helps enhance students' understanding of local history, culture, community, and the environment. It also provides opportunities for field trips, interactions with others, and promotes learning and personal growth.

Teaching staff:

Mr Lam Chun Wan Benjamin (LCW)

Mr Chan Kwok Kei (KEI)

Ms Yip Wai Yee (YWY)

Ms Au Yu Yan (AYY)

Ms Mok Wai Yi (MWY)

Life and Society