Aims & Objectives:

1. To develop among students a solid knowledge base and to enhance their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics for further studies and careers to meet the changes and challenges in the contemporary world.

2. To strengthen students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, and to nurture students’ creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills, as well as to foster their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as required in the 21st century.



Term 1: Artificial Intelligence

Students explore the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) using "Google Teachable Machine." They learn computer vision concepts, train Vision AI models, and create AI solutions for real-world problems. Through hands-on activities and collaboration, they develop coding, problem-solving, and communication skills. By the end of the term, students showcase their ability to use AI for positive change.

Term 2: Hover:bit

This hands-on course introduces students to robotics using the Hover:bit platform. They engage in guided activities and projects, developing problem-solving and teamwork skills. They learn to program hovercraft robots to navigate obstacles and respond to cues. This curriculum inspires students' interest in robotics and equips them with valuable skills.


Term 1: Augmented reality

Students explore the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and its applications. They learn about AR principles, create 3D models, and link them to AR software platforms. By the end of the term, students build their own interactive AR experiences, merging digital content seamlessly with the physical world.

Term 2: Drones

This curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of drone technology. Students learn about flight principles, drone mechanics, and safety protocols. They program and control drones to complete a rescue challenge, planning flight routes and justifying decisions. This curriculum ignites students' passion for drones, coding, and critical thinking, equipping them with valuable skills in aerial robotics.

Teaching staff:

Mr. CHOW Sze Hin (CSH)
Mr. FONG Chun Wing (FCW)
Mr. LAM Ming Sum (LSU)
Mr. YIP Chun Wa (YCW)