2024 Harmony Scholarship

2024 harmony scholarship, which is organized by the Home and Youth Affairs Department. This scholar is to praise students who have outstanding performance in school and community service, especially in promoting racial harmony.

For the awardees, some of them are the chairperson or members of ICAC , they helped organize the harmony day and activities in ICAC . Putting much efforts in promoting the school harmony.

Some of them break down the limitation of racial and languages actively. strive to integrate in campus and community life. They really deserve the award!

2023 Kpalma Essowazinam Ruth, Top 10 Outstanding Ethnic Minority Student Award

The Outstanding Ethnic Minority Student Award recognizes and celebrates the unique accomplishments of Hong Kong's exceptional ethnic minority students. The top 10 outstanding primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong will each receive a trophy, a certificate, and a gift. And we are proud to announce that Kpalma Essowazinam Ruth has received this prestigious award! 

IGCSE Chinese 2023

June 2023

Our S5 NCS students both got a grade 7 in IGCSE Chinese Exam.

GCE AL Chinese 2023

June 2023

Our S6 NCS students got 1A, 3Bs, 2Cs, and 2Es in their GCE AL Chinese Exam.

GCE A Level Chinese 2022

S5 NCS students sit for the 2022 GCE A Level Chinese Exam. We are glad that they got 1A and 3Bs in GLE AL.

IGCSE Chinese 2022

S4 NCS students sit for the 2022 IGCSE Chinese Exam. Two of them got Level 9, three got Level 8 and one got Level 7 in Chinese language of IGCSE. We are proud of our boys and girls! We are happy for them!

2018 Singh Vring Jasdeep, Level 4 in Chinese language of HKDSE

1.    Kia Winnington-Ingram, Level 9 in Chinese language of IGCSE

2.    Steven Bahadur Gurung, Level 8 in Chinese language of IGCSE