NCS_Activity 2021-2022

In CNY carnival, students learnt to write Fai Chun. They also shared the New Year traditions from their home countries to our local students.

Principal Tsui celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with NCS students. STCC is a big family.

NCS and local students get along well under the harmonious atmosphere. They drew the artwork together.

To let NCS students know more about the HK community and raise their awareness in caring for the society, they took part in a poverty caring programme. They determined to show more love to people in need.

Students organized their own HK One-day tour and interviewed the tourists. They left a lot of remarkable footprints all around HK.

The school promotes E-learning strategy and provide every NCS student one iPad in the Chinese lessons, enhancing their IT skills, self-directed learning skills and passion for study.

Students visited HK High Speed Rail Station and enhanced their knowledge on economic development of HK and modern China. Wonderful learning experience outside the classroom.

Students explore their dreams in under the guidance from Career Guidance Committee. They were encouraged to pursue their life-long goals and become future pillars of the society.

Chinese Cultural Studies

Mid-autumn festival