Aims & Objectives:

1. To strengthen the reading interest of S1 students with wide variety of reading resource and activities.

2. To equip students’ skills of self-directing reading.

3. To facilitate students’ in-depth reading.

Reading Curriculum:

Reading Lesson:

To arouse their interest of borrowing books and encourage students to select the reading materials for the school library, different reading activities are promoted in S1 Reading Lesson. The activities included:

  • To further explore the reading experience of students outside campus as well as to use the reading materials or online resources for self-directed learning purpose, S1 classes are arranged to visit various bookstores and Hong Kong Public Libraries during the Reading Lesson. Visit to Tiu Keng Leng Public Library
Reading Lesson
Good Book sharing
Visit to Eslite@HK
Reading Time:
We have promoted the Morning Reading Time on every Tuesday and Thursday to promote the reading atmosphere on and around campus. The junior form teachers would assess the students’ performance in Reading Time through oral book presentation and overall reading attitude.
Reading Activities Highlights:
Reading Days:

2021 Reading Days slogan: I aspire to be a motivated reader


Various reading activities such as reading corners, students’ book recommendation to teachers, ‘Reading Hashtag’ and reading assembly, reading atmosphere is promoted in the school.

The Reading Carnival (閱讀嘉年華)

Our school library has participated in the Reading Carnival organized by HKPTU and Hong Kong Public Libraries in the Victoria Park. From this event, we aim to train library prefects to be proactive leaders and cooperate with other parties including the public. They planned the booth design as well as the games with the chosen topic ‘superheroes’(超級英雄). Hundreds of citizens visited our booth and our school library prefects tried their best to guide the participants to play games or explain the importance of reading.

AR in Reading
Inviting campus-reading sharing

To explore the reading experience of students, students are encouraged to participate in the reading sharing activities on Monday morning once a month.

Book exhibition

Library holds book exhibitions annually in different venue, including covered playground or 1/F self study center to further promote the reading atmosphere among students, teachers and parents.
Book exhibition in Career Days

Book Exhibition on Parents’ Day