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Date: 19/04/2021

Hola, ¿cómo estás? (Hello, how are you?)

Have you ever thought that you can enjoy authentic Spanish food and experience the sensation of flamenco at school during the pandemic? Have you ever learnt the culture and language of the Spanish through mini-games? Our students were able to taste the essence of the Spanish culture during the International Culture Week held by the English Department in April. 

International Culture Week – Spanish Culture was successfully held in the period of 19 April – 23 April 2021. Students had the opportunity to explore the rich and vibrant culture of Spain through book exhibitions, mini-game booths, a costume-design competition and a flamenco dance. Let’s see some of the highlights of it.

  • Students can learn the Spanish culture about music, food and sports by playing the mini-games.

  • Mr. Kain So teaches the student how to pronounce 1 to 10 in Spanish patiently.

  • Students really enjoy the “prizes” – Spanish snacks – they have got after playing the mini-games.

  • We, English Teachers, do have a good time during the International Culture Week too!

  • Ms. Clara Ramona, the esteemed Spanish dancer and flamenco artist, not just performs flamenco dance, but teaches our students the history and essential techniques of flamenco dance in the assembly, which is definitely an eye-opening experience!

  • Our students follow the instructions given by Ms. Ramona and clap their hands according to the musical rhythm.

  • Our students are so eager to taste the traditional Spanish drink (Classic Spanish Sangria) and omelet (Tortilla Espanola)!

  • The winning design in the Costume Design Competition (Spanish Culture).

  • Our winners for the best and most popular design – 1Love Mok Sze Nga Cynthia & 1Hope Lee Chit Sum Summer.

  • Our winner for the best presented design – 3Faith Tsang Hin Ho, Hugo.

  • Although some classes can only take part in the assembly through live streaming, they still participate actively in the classroom!

  • Students can also explore the Spanish culture through the book exhibition organized during the International Culture Week.

  • Can you feel the energetic vibes from the decoration of the game booths?