S4 Life Camp Activity Highlight

Date: 06/09/2019

See our highflyers! They are all ready to start their new journey in the new academic year! 

S4 Life Camp Activity

Life is unexpected and full of challenges, especially for our S.4 students. In order to help them to face the challenges, Student Development Department organized the S4 Life Camp on 6th and 7th September in Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. Through various life education programs, our students had the chance to reflect on the values of life and learn the ways to stay well in their new study journey. We also invited our alumni to share about their challenges they once faced as the senior form students. Our students have been well-equipped through the activities and sharing. They have understood more about their paths and targets in the coming future.

  • In one of the missions, our students had to make use of their shoes to build the tallest “building”. See how creative they were!

  • Our students and the exchanged student were enjoying the delicious lunch with our guest speaker, Mrs. Li Wong Yuk Wah.

  • Our champion, who was the fastest group to complete all the challenges set by the teacher of Career Guidance Committee, received the prize. They were thrilled by such a big box of snacks!

  • Our students cooperated with one another in order to tie the bamboo sticks tightly with the rope given.

  • Finally, 4 Honesty students were able to construct their own ‘weapon’ successfully – catapult. See how satisfied they were from the smiling faces!

  • 4 Hope students worked together to weave the “unbreakable net” in order to make use of it to hold their class teacher Mr. Kain So safely.

  • 4 Hope students held their classmate successfully with the net woven by them. See how excited they were.

  • The best way to wake our students up in the morning on the second day was doing exercise led by Ms. Rachel Leung together.

  • In the leadership training session organized by the Potential Development Committee, our alumni shared their previous experiences working as leaders in school. Our students were listening to the alumni so attentively.

  • See how excited our students were when they were playing the group activity!

  • They ran as fast as they could in order to escape from the ‘eagle’!

  • They were writing a letter to themselves to reflect on what they had learnt and experienced in the camp. They were serious!