Student Committee

Four Houses


*Pass the torch:

Students are grouped from different forms so that the STCC culture can be transmitted from senior form to junior form students.

*Leadership development: 

More leaders can be cultivated and trained through new house system.

Names of Houses

Names of houses are: House of Matthew, House of Mark, House of Luke, House of John. Four different colours, red, blue, green and purple represent four Houses respectively. Students are expected to follow Jesus’s example. 

Committee members of Four Houses (2017-2018)

Captain(Male)5Hn32Yung Wang5Ft9Chow Hiu Wan5Hp11Lee Chun Ting5Lv24Wong Ching Man
Captain (Female)5Ft13Fung Pui Ki5Hn21Li Man Wai5Hp8Kae Kwan Hoi5Hn25Tao Yu Fung Marcus
Program Secretary 15Hp15Lo Lok Him4Hn10Ho Ming Ting5Lv15Leung Hui Yau5Hn17Lee Wan Kei Michelle
Program Secretary 25Hp22Siu Chi Him5Hn26Tong Ying Kiu5Hp4Cheung Yan Kit5Hn33Zhan Matt Steven Wu
Welfare Secretary 14Hn11Kei Chun Hei4Hp31Wu Hoi Ching4Ft29Tsoi Tsz Ching4Ft15Ho Wing Nam
Welfare Secretary 25Hp20Ng Cheuk Ying5Ft31Yau Tsun Fung   4Ft41Yu Ka Sin
Publicity Secretary 14Lv21Wong Lik Yeung3Ft14Li Kai Wing Wilson4Ft33Wong Oi Yiu4Hp14Lau Cheuk Ki
Publicity Secretary 24Lv22Wong Oi Kiu5Hp21Ng Cho Sum4Hn1Butt Tsz Fung5Lv23Tong Lai Shun
Steward 15Lv8Kung Man Kin5Hp19Man Yee Weng   4Hp19Leung Hau Lam
Steward 25Ft16Lam Wai Ki Matthew      4Hn29Yip Hoi Yau
Student Union

Name: Legend
Slogan: Make a Difference. Be a Legend


1. Enhance students’ sense of belongings to the school

2. Act as a bridge between school and students

3. Enhance the interaction of inter-class bonding

President: 5Hn Hung Cheuk Him

Vice President: 5Hn Ng Ka Lam

Secretary: 5Hp Wong Jessie Yan

Treasurer: 5Ft Shek Wing Ho

Secretary of Activity: 4Ft Wong Sheeta

Secretary of Student Welfare: 5Hn Lee Wai Ho

Secretary of Junior Form House Affairs: 4Hn Lau Tsz Ching

Secretary of Senior Form House Affairs: 5Hp Ng Cho Sum