Student Committee

Four Houses


*Pass the torch:

Students are grouped from different forms so that the STCC culture can be transmitted from senior form to junior form students.

*Leadership development: 

More leaders can be cultivated and trained through new house system.

Names of Houses

Names of houses are: House of Matthew, House of Mark, House of Luke, House of John. Four different colours, red, blue, green and purple represent four Houses respectively. Students are expected to follow Jesus’s example. 

Committee members of Four Houses (2020-2021)

Captain4HnKo Choi Lam5FtChan Howard5FtLau Ho Yeung Jaydon5FtChow Ho Yu Coey
Captain4HnWong Oi Ying5FtNgan Hong Ni Konny5HnWang Hailun5FtFan Pui Chun
Program Secretary 14HnLau Cheuk Yin5FtLiu Tsz Leung Ryan4LvWong Brandon3FtChan Hoi Ying
Program Secretary 24HnLai Pak Man5HpKong Ho Wun4FtKong Pui Lam Janice3FtMok Nga Sin
Welfare Secretary 14LvNg Sze Laam5HpNg Tsz Mei4FtSingh Vring Rajdeep4FtCheng Ka Sin
Welfare Secretary 25LvChan Xi Ying5LvLi Kai Wing Wilson4HnTong Yeuk Yan4LvSiu Chetwyn
Publicity Secretary 15LvLee Tsz Tung5LvWong Hiu Lam5LvKan Yueh Xing5HpLeung Koon Hin Daniel
Publicity Secretary 25LvYeung Ting Hai5LvLeung Hoi Yiu Gabrielle5HpWong Shuk Yan
Steward 15HpSin Wai Ching5LvChim Ching
Steward 2      5HpWu Santy5LvLaw Yik Chung Ismael
Student Union

Name: Pristine
Slogan: Be Pure. Be Real. Be Innovative


1. Listen to schoolmates' voices and cater for their needs

2. Fight for schoolmates' benefits

3. Provide schoolmates with varieties of school activities

4. Strive for giving sense of belongings of schoolmates

5. Be schoolmate-centred, exchange different views with heart.

President: 5Ft Fong Hei Tung

Vice President: 5Hp Lor Tsz Wing

Secretary: 5Lv Sung Sen Sing

Treasurer: 4Hn Lau Ka Yin

Secretary of Activity: 4Hn Yip Tin Yee

Secretary of Student Welfare: 4Hn Lee Tsz Chun Jamie

Secretary of Junior Form House Coordinator: 5Hn Chau Tsang Ming

Secretary of Senior Form House Coordinator: 5Ft Lau Cheuk Hei