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Student Committee

English Society and Team(s):

English Society

English Society is composed of three teachers and about ten committee members.  Committee members will be trained to assist teachers in organizing different English-related activities.  They will also star in English videos – One-minute English, to raise students’ awareness towards common English mistakes.

ClassEng. Name
1HpMak Ming Ho, Jackie
1FtLam Cheuk Yin, Rosalia
1FtLee King Tung, Enna
1FtWalia Gurleen Kaur
1HnCheung Yat Long, Aaron
1HnHui Shin Ki, Ava
2LvLam Hayley
2HpWong Sum Yuet, Shanice
2FtChun See Ching, Kiara
2FtChung Hong Chi, Parco
2FtKaur Anujpreet
2FtLau Chung Hei, Jeff
2FtLi Tsz Yan, Johnathon
2FtMazhar Maleeha
3LvKhera Karishma
3FtChan Yuet Him, Zachary
3FtPang Wai Lam Zachary
3HnCheng Wing Ki, Dora
4LvYip Tsz Ching, Gladys
4HnYu Cheuk Ying, Tiffany
4HnYu Hoi Ying, Betsy
5HpLau Chun Shing, Matthew
5HpLeung Hiu Yau, Natalie
5HpLi Chun Hei, Xavier
English Debating Team

Exposed to the debating environment, students are expected to develop capability in different learning domains. These domains consist of expressing, responding to and arguing about points of view persuasively and confidently; and collaborating with others in planning, preparing for and conducting a debate. It is hoped that the acquisition of knowledge and skills facilitates students in reflecting on how language is used in the context of a debate.

2FtKaur Anujpreet
2FtMazhar Maleeha
2FtPang Ngai Tin Clayton
2HnYip Tin Yee
3LvKhera Karishma
3LvShum Wing Yan
3HpNg Sze Laam 
3HnChan Chak Fung 
3HnChan Lok Hei 
3HnCheng Wing Ki 
3HnNg Sze Wing
3HnYim Lok Hang
4FtTai Shuk Yin
4FtTo Ming Lok
4FtScharf Berni
4Hn Yu Cheuk Iu
5HpLau Cheuk Ki
5HnYip Hoi Yau