Student Committee

Career Prefects

Career Prefect Team is a group of senior form students who are willing to serve the school in order to help schoolmates to make their life planning. Prefects have different kinds of training and workshops for the self understanding and career explorations. There are lots of opportunities such as Career Days and School assembly for our prefects to be a servant leader in organizing life planning activities in school.

14LV5方綺嵐Fong Yee Laam 
24LV15吳海晴Ng Hoi Ching 
34LV21黃皚翹Wong Oi Kiu 
44HP4陳映瑜Chan Yeng Yue 
54HP5張穎晴Cheung Vivian Wing Ching 
64HP10許栢昕Hui Pak Yan Yannis 
74HP25彭文勵Pang Man Lai 
84FT33黃皚銚Wong Oi Yiu 
94FT39葉曉曦Yip Hiu Hei 
104HN12關允芝Kwan Wan Chi 
115HP3張詩靖Cheung Sze Ching KaterinaPresident
125HP10劉可兒Lau Ho Yi 
135HP19萬懿潁Man Yee Weng 
145FT4陳詠潼Chan Wing Tung Annabelle 
155FT13馮珮琪Fung Pui Ki 
165FT15賴盈沁Lai Ying Sum 
175FT21林芷慧Lum Che Wai 
185FT22繆巧慧Mau Hau Wai 
195HN8莊佩芝Chong Pui Chi 
205HN11何湧權Ho Yung Kuen Ronald