STEM Education


- To develop among students a solid knowledge base and to enhance their interests in Science, Technology and Mathematics for further studies and careers in meeting the changes and challenges in the contemporary world.

- To strengthen students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, and to nurture students’ creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills, as well as to foster their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as required in the 21st century.


- To promote STEM by providing opportunities for students to be engaged in

- To develop STEM curriculum in junior form IT, IS and Math subject

Committee members:

Ms  KONG Suet Ha 
Acting Head: Mr WONG Chi Hang (WCH)
Other members: 
                           Ms POON Sheung Yin (PYI)

                           Mr YIP Chun Wa (YCW)

                           Mr LAM Ming Sum (LSU)

                           Ms LAM Ching Man (LMA)

                           Mr CHOW Sze Him Jeff (CSH)

Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2020
L&T Expo 2019 - STEM 3D Art