Chinese Cultural Experiential Activity

S.2 CCS Lesson

November 2023

The S.2 CCS teacher is teaching the class about Chinese culture and clothing, using vivid examples and first-hand experiences.

Hong Kong One Day Tour

October 2023

The S.2 NCS students and teachers visited various tourist spots in Hong Kong to learn about its culture. They even interviewed tourists from different races.

Dim Sum Tasting

March 2023

The S.2 NCS students and teachers went to the Chinese restaurant to taste the Chinese Dim Sum and learn to order different types of dim sum in Cantonese.

Tie-Dying and Face changing

February 2023

Workshops of tie-dying and face changing performance are organized for students to experience the traditional Chinese art. Students have a chance to learn Sichuan opera skills and tie-dying from the professionals. They have created their unique artwork in the workshop!

Plot Painting

February 2023

Inspired by the white-and-blue porcelain, the students are designing their own pot. Traditional Chinese elements such as Chinese sayings and Chinese pattern can be found in their artwork.

Chinese New Year Lantern Party

February 2023

The teachers have held a Chinese New Year lantern Party in school for the NCS students to experience the traditional Chinese New Year. Traditional games such as Pitch-pot and solving lantern riddles are set up for students to play. A traditional Chinese Candy box is also prepared for the students to taste. Students also have a chance to write their own Spring Couplets!

Visit to Hong Kong Heritage Museum

December 2022

The students have visited the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on 16th December, 2022. They have visited the exhibition about Hong Kong pop culture and the traditional Canton Opera. Some students are even pretending to be the protagonists of the famous Hong Kong movie.

NCS Experiential Learning to Wong Tai Sin Temple

September 2022

The NCS students have visited the Wong Tai Sin Temple on 9th September, 2022. They have a chance to explore the history of the Wong Tai Sin Temple and experience the lantern fair organized by the Wong Tai Sin temple.