Our beliefs

  1. We believe every child is unique.
  2. We believe every child is willing to learn.
  3. We believe every child with critical thinking mindset.
  4. We believe our students are self-directed learners.
  5. We believe our students are high-flyers.


1. English Speaking Environment

English is used as our medium of instruction and our aim is to train students to express in English confidently. School emphasizes the importance of maintaining an English-Speaking environment throughout the campus via morning assembly, School assembly, ESD day and all announcements.

2. Small class teaching

We believe individual care can be happened through learning and teaching both in and outside the classroom. Students own their learning and strive for excellence. Small Class Teaching: With around 25 students in core subjects which means more interaction can be facilitated and the learner diversity can be catered for.

3. Student-centered teaching approaches

We aim to provide student-centered learning and teaching experiences which shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. FIP (Formative Instructional Practice), “ Share, Think and Express”, different methods of teaching that developing their understanding and encourages students actively participated in the lessons.

4. Diversified learning opportunities

Learn outside the classroom is full of interest and develop students’ potentials and talents. Diversified learning activities such as fashion show, drama show, English Sailing Day, filed trips, subject-based academic activities and visits can provide an all-rounded education and has always encouraged students to participate in a wide range outside classroom activities. To nurture students to become global citizens, different study tours were organized in different countries, such as China, Seoul, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA and Vienna. Exchange program and immersion program were conducted so as to enrich students' learning experiences. 

5. Individual care for learning

We aim to meet the particular needs of different learning ability student by providing individual care to them. Streaming classed according to the student’s English ability in Junior form. Different tutorial groups are provided if students are lag behind in revision test or exam. School encourage gifted students to join pull-out programs to enrich and extend their learning opportunities. We believe that it can systematically and strategically develop the potentials of gifted students and powerfully addresses learner diversity.

6. eLearning

Our campus is connected with wifi network. Well-equipped computing facilities and projectors can be found in classrooms which favors the implementation of e-learning. Using iPad can enrich learning activities for real-time interaction and instant feedback from students, which greatly enhance learning effectiveness.  eClass including eLibrary and easyWriting have been widely used in our school so as to diversify the learning strategies of students.

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