Principal Message

ECF Saint Too Canaan College (STCC) has inherited a valuable tradition in education from the Evangelize China Fellowship (ECF) and the Saint Too Institute (STI), which have been serving the Hong Kong Community for more than 50 years. Time changes, but the compassion to serve the younger generation of Hong Kong through Christian Education remains unchanged.,

Saint Too Canaan College is dedicated to high academic achievements and all round development of the students. We aim to educate a new generation of young people to be leaders of tomorrow who are creative and are capable of independent thinking. They also take initiative and possess a character that is trustful and caring.

We believe that dreams come from exposure. Students of STCC have many opportunities to be exposed to different cultures and learning experiences. School life at Saint Too Canaan College is indeed very enjoyable and colorful.

In addition, we have an outstanding teaching team who do not only share with me these high goals of education but also possess the capability to achieve them.

Finally, we believe that family is most important to the personal growth of our students. So, STCC is also dedicated to develop parent education. Parents can choose for themselves from a long list of parenting workshops and parent support groups. As a result, parents and STCC can collaborate to nurture our students together.

We sincerely invite you to join this big family and grow with us.

Stephen PH Li, PhD