Austria Music Tour

Date: 02/07/2017

With the aims of polishing up on our music & arts students' performance skills and broadening their horizons, the A&P Department organized a tour to Austria in July. 20 members from Mini-orchestra, School Choir, Music Society & V.A. DSE students was accompanied by our music and V.A. teachers. The tour took in two musically important cities, Vienna and Salzburg. In Vienna, students had a chance to join Vienna Jazz Festival, experiencing the creative fusion jazz improvisation of Herbie Hancock Jazz Concert. They could also attend the fascinating concert of Vienna Mozart Orchestra. In Salzburg, our students attended vocal workshops guided by experienced German choral conductor. The workshops inspired our students to reach new heights. Students thoroughly enjoyed learning in this interactive way. While in Salzburg, students also got opportunity to perform in St. Gilgen Mozarthaus. Besides, students learnt the piano improvisational techniques directly by observing the performance with the bar pianist, Anton Rigo. Students have joined Oper im Berg Festival, enjoying the powerful bel canto of the opera vocalists in the concert of Italian Opera Gala. It was definitely a happy and memorable experience in our school year.