Bonjour, comment allez – vous? (Hello, how are you?)

Date: 06/06/2022

Have you ever thought that you can enjoy authentic French food and experience the sensation of French dance at school during the pandemic? Have you ever learnt the vibrant culture and sophisticated language of the French through mini-games? Our students were able to taste the essence of the French culture during the International Culture Week held by the English Department from 6th to 10th June. Let’s see some of the highlights of it. 

Day 1 – How much do you know about the local delicacies of France?

English teachers are preparing the French delicacies for our students. They are all great chefs!


Students are learning how to pronounce some basic expressions in French.

Students have to learn the basic expressions for ordering food in French so as to enjoy the croissant, chocolate crepe and toast with foie gras prepared by our teachers.

English ambassadors are teaching our participants how to pronounce the names of the snacks in French.

Bon appétit!

Students are so excited and they really enjoy the games!

Our great English ambassadors!