Ceramic Club

Date: 22/06/2020

In the first term of this year, 5 lessons of Ceramic Club were organized by the subject Visual Arts. Ceramic club has 14 members from S1-S4 this year. Some of them were experienced potters and/or sculptors, while other had little or no history with ceramic, and they simply enjoyed a new hobby. They had a really enjoyable time and experienced how to make clay. Ceramic club provides students with the opportunity to express themselves through pottery.


We were pleased to have 9 new S1 members in this club as they enjoy the workshop a lot. They can improve not only their communication and coordination skills in a role of big brothers and sisters, but have the first-hand experience about the fascinating art making with the help of professional instructors.


Many of their hands were stained with clay, but they were so focused on their art-making process and didn’t even notice that! How wonderful they are!