Exhibition of Secondary School Student Artwork 2019

Date: 27/06/2019

Students of S.3 who wish to take Visual Arts next year, S4 and S5 who major in Visual Arts visited Exhibition of Secondary School Student Artwork 2019 in Hong Kong City Hall, organized by HKEDB.

Outstanding artworks made by students from over 20 secondary schools around Hong Kong were displayed in the exhibition. Our students, class 6 hope Kae Kwan Hoi and class 3 Love Ng Cheuk Lun Ernest entered the finalist and their artworks were shown in the exhibition.

Through the exhibition, our students benefited from all different kinds of artworks and learning resources provided throughout the process, and thus they gained a better and more concrete concept in creating VA portfolio for the future challenge in DSE. This is a valuable chance for our VA students to be inspired and reflect upon their progress.