Life-wide learning Days (Oversea Tours)

Date: 15/04/2019

Taiwan Basketball Training Tour

Tai Chung Basketball Training Tour was a great success. It was held between April 15 and 18. S1 to S5 basketball team members received intensive and strict training by Taiwanese coaches in Ming Dao University. They also had a golden chance to have a friendly match with Cheng Gong High School which was one of the top four schools in playing basketball in Taiwan. After the match, students recognized the importance of fundamental skills training admired the disciplines of Taiwanese basketball players. To experience local culture, students also had a chance to visit some tourist attractions like Rainbow Military Community, Gaomei Wetland and Painted Animation Lane.

Beijing Study Tour

The 2018 – 19 Beijing Study Tour was successfully held in the period of 15 - 19 April 2019. Students had the opportunity to visit famous Beijing’s scenic spots like the Palace Museum, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, etc. During the trip, there were also chances for students to exchange with local students as well as to pay a visit to the Beijing MTR Corporation Limited. This trip enriched students’ knowledge of the history, traditional culture, economic development of China. 

2019 HK & Taiwan Cycling Tour

2019 HK & Taiwan Cycling Tour was successfully held in the period of 13 April – 18 April 2019. 19 students had the opportunity to learn through riding bicycle which they experienced a lot throughout the journey. We divided the whole team into two groups, they learn how to cooperate with each other to plan their route and how to handle any emergency case throughout the journey and etc. Students were treasure to have such chance to widen their horizon. 

World Heritage Tour – Macau Missionary History
World Heritage Tour on 15 -16 April 2019 offered 25 students and 3 teachers an invaluable opportunity to visit the landmarks of Macau that define this city’s fascinating history. The historic monuments, such as St. Dominic’s Church, St. Lawrence's Church, Monte Fort and the Ruins of St. Paul’s, represent the European cultural, religious and architectural influences. There was also a chance to visit Pui Ching Middle School and Christian Faith Church. During the trip, students were able to explore the rise of Christianity in China and walk in the footsteps of missionary.
New Zealand Eco Tour

New Zealand Eco Tour was successfully held in the period of 14 April - 22 April 2019. 3 teachers and 26 students from S3 to S5 enjoyed the 10-day tour. In the trip, a local science teacher led the students to explore different landscapes in the North Island and the South Island. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to perform various scientific investigations in different fields such as mudflat and volcanic zone. The learning activities in the tour enriched our knowledge and broadened our horizons.

Toronto Study Tour – Business and Career Development

Toronto Study Tour was successfully held in the period of 12 April - 21 April 2019. 2 teachers and 18 students had the opportunity to understand the business activities and economic development, as well as the education system and school life in Canada. We have visited different business organizations, universities and also some landmarks in Canada. The trip was very fruitful and we have already widen our horizon.

Cambodia Service Tour

The 5-day trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 17th to 21st April 2019 is eye-opening but saddening. Through paying visits to the orphanages and the nutrition centre set up by our partnering agency Happy Tree, a Christian-charity organization, we have witnessed the daily struggles of the orphans and children living in the poorest areas of Cambodia. These poor and sick children live every day with pain and hardship, while their parents watch as their childhood slip away into the rubbish heaps of Phnom Penh, where most of them work as a way to make a living. Even so, they cannot afford to attend school and do not have the money to visit doctors when they are sick.

Our team of 20 STCC students lend a helpful hand by playing with the children and providing necessities to the poor, hoping to ease their pain by bringing some joyful moments to their struggling life. Although we were saddened, we were extremely touched by the work and the efforts by Happy Tree and its volunteers in the area.

Green School, Green Life
  • See the smiles of our students! We were going to set off for our green journey in Kitakyushu, Japan!

  • Our students were able to learn how waste can be recycled and upcycled at the Kitakyushu Eco-town Center. They could also visit a lot of advanced facilities for developing and promoting sustainability in the city.
  • Our students could learn how PET bottles are recycled and converted as the raw materials for producing daily necessities at the PET bottle recycling plant.
  • We could enjoy the tranquility at the icon of Kitakyushu – Kokura Castle, one of the traditional architecture in Japan.
  • Kokura Castle is a popular cherry blossom spot for the locals. Its traditional architecture provides an interesting visual contrast to the neighboring modern buildings.
  • We strolled along on the promenade enjoying the wonderful view at Mojiko Port. The banana man sculptures are the icons at the port.
  • A heartwarming welcome from the Makiyama-higashi citizen community center.
  • The offshore wind turbines generate renewable electricity for Kitakyushu. They become part of the picturesque scenery at Kitakyushu Port. (From left to right) Mr. Howard Ho, Ms. Peggy Wong and Mr. Paul Lau)
  • We had a great opportunity to watch the tea ceremony practiced by the experts, who dressed in the traditional kimono. How elegant they were!
  • The elderly from the Makiyama-higashi citizen community center taught our students the Japanese art of paper folding – origami. See how happy we were holding our ‘masterpieces’!
  • We enjoyed the traditional Japanese meals, which were aesthetically presented with high-quality seasonal ingredients in a local restaurant. See how delicious the meals were from our big smiles!
  • Mr. Paul Lau (On the right) presented the souvenir to Mr. Masa Kondo, our great and experienced tour guide.
  • Yawata Steel Works, which started its operation in 1901 and was once operated for 24 hours in 365 days for about 70 years, produced melted slag and metals to be used for producing the high-quality steel products in the past.
  • See our students and teacher were walking through a mysterious tunnel at Marine World Uminonakamichi! (From left to right) Ken Ng, Steven Gurung, Alex Ip, Mr. Paul Lau and Nicolas Tai.
  • Have you seen the spectacular view of flying carp flags in the air? Here you are!
  • Our students learnt a lot about the facts of amazing organisms and enjoyed the fantastic dolphin and sea lion shows at Marine World Uminonakamichi! See how excited we were!
  • Our students were so interested in the handcrafted mini-games provided at the Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery. They were so concentrated to find out the tricks to play the games.
  • Mr. Paul Lau presented the souvenir to the principal official of the University of Kitakyushu, in which our students learnt various measures for saving electricity.

  • Mixed wastes discarded were incinerated by the highly technological furnace, which can greatly reduce the impacts on the environment.
  • A stunning photo taken from the offshore at Kitakyushu Port. See how delighted and energetic we were!
  • It is the world’s first hydrogen station for vehicles to utilize the waste water as a source of power. Our students could apply their knowledge of Chemistry to their daily life.
  • The temples and shrines in Daizaifu, which was once the administrative center of the entire island of Kyushu in the past, make the place a perfect destination for tourists looking for the ambience of the old days in Japan.
Guangxi Service Tour

Instead of visiting different attractions, students were conducting different lessons and activities in order to let Shangsi girls to learn more English. The interactions are very interesting and the participants enjoyed it very much. Besides the lessons, there were also bamboo dancing, making local foods/snacks. We also went to a maize field and picking the corn. We visited families of Shangsi girls and listened to the stories about their hardship and challenges in their lives.

In the refection session very night, most of students have expressed their grateful heart as they are studying and living in Hong Kong. They are materialistic satisfied and learnt to be more perseverance as the shangsi girls.