Poverty Caring Ambassador Scheme 關懷貧窮大使計劃 (看見.動慈心.行動)

Date: 07/11/2013

Objectives of the Activity : 14 students from S.2 -S.5 have joined the program. They will experience the hardships of grassroots in our society. 親身體驗拾紙皮、露宿生活、到訪板間房家庭

Organizing Committees /  KLAs / Agents : Mission to New Arrivals Ltd 新福事工 , MCEC

Overall Comment and Evaluation : Participants are experiencing the life of homeless people. This is a valuable challenge to our students. After the profound experience, students shared their feelings and insights learnt from it.

Sharing from students : This is a big challenge for us to sleep on a street and collect waste paper and carton.  We understand the hardship of the grassroots.

Students are collecting metal cans, waste paper and carton from the nearby shops and litter containers in Tai Kok Tsui.

They are selling the drink cans, waste paper and carton to the recycling shop to earn a few dollars.