"Waterland.Fishboy" Kenny Wong x Jeffery Yau Group Exhibition

Date: 19/10/2022

Students of S4 in STCC who major in Visual Arts visited 「水作.魚童」"Waterland.Fishboy" Kenny Wong x Jeffery Yau group exhibition --- located in The Dot Dot Dot Gallery which is an Art Gallery inside the Kwun Tong factory district.

The exhibition was created an art-toy fish boy's world with a large-scale water and land installation with a width of 1 meter and a length of 1.6 meters. The theme is divided into nine chapters – Birth, Curiosity, Appearance, Encounter, Growing, Children’s Tour, Departure, Knowing, and Stepping in the new world.

Beside visited the exhibition, a special tailor-made artist-lecture and Q&A session was held for our students, artists Kenny Wong and Jeffery Yau shared the stories behind their work and provided insight into their varied practices, and also our students shared the idea of their SBA’s work. This was a great opportunity to them to think in depth about their work, process, and influences in front of future captive audience.

This is a valuable experience for our VA students to be inspired and reflect upon their progress. That was a fruitful trip to all of them!