Wooden Toy Workshop

Date: 17/06/2020

In the first term of this year, 5 lessons of Wooden-Toy workshop were organized by the subject Visual Arts. This workshop is not just a physical workout, but quite a big mental one too. They learnt from doing woodwork to some practical skills like hand-eye coordination, building confidence, problem solving, imagination, mathematical skills, observation skills, creative thinking and independence skill; All these cannot be learnt in textbooks.


A total of 16 students from S1 to S5 joined this workshop, we are proud of 8 S1 new members, they enjoy the workshop a lot and they can improve not only their communication and coordination skills from big brothers and sisters, but also have the first-hand experience about the fascinating art making with the help of professional instructors. In the workshop, they learnt how to use different kinds of wood making tools, the related skills and steps.